Date(s)LocationCourse NameHrs.CostContact
5/24/2018Seal Beach Police DepartmentSupervision & Management Course8$99.00Embassy Consulting
5/29/2018Tustin City Council ChambersThe Evolution of Radical Islam8$99.00Embassy Consulting
5/30/2018Seal Beach Police DepartmentCrisis Intervention and Behavioral Health Training8$99.00Embassy Consulting
6/5/2018LA County Probation Training Center
Pico Rivera, CA
AB 109: From Prison to Probation8$65.00Serrato Training
6/6/2018Pasadena Police DepartmentLeadership and Management Strategies in Toxic Stress Environments8$100Gilbert F. Ivey & Associates
(909) 219-9364
6/6/2018 to 6/8/2018Torrance Police DepartmentUnderstanding Human Performance in Critical Incidents24$350.00Calif Training Institute
6/12/2018Seal Beach Police DepartmentSupervision and Management8$99.00Embassy Consulting
6/14/2018Holiday Inn Long Beach AirportTitle 15 for Supervisors Course8$95.00Center For Criminal Justice California State University, Long Beach
(562) 985-4940
6/19/2018S.O.G. Training Center
Whittier, CA
"Narco" Life8$125.00Public Safety Alliance
6/20-21/2018S.O.G. Training Center
Whittier, CA
Policing the Mentally Ill16$200.00Public Safety Alliance
6/25/2018Hughes Center
1700 Danbury Rd.
Claremont, CA 91711
Use of Force Training: Understanding Platform, Efficiency & Proficiency8
7:00 am to 4:00 pm
$99.00Embassy Consulting
8/2/2018S.O.G. Training Center
Whittier, CA
Enhanced Drug Identification8$125.00Public Safety Alliance
8/2/2018Seal Beach Police DepartmentCrisis Intervention & Behavioral Health Training8$99.00 Embassy Consulting
8/8-9/2018San Bernardino District Attorney's OfficeAdvanced Report Writing & Courtroom Protocol16$200.00Public Safety Alliance
8/27/2018S.O.G. Training Center
Whittier, CA
Warrants and Legal Issues8$125.00Public Safety Alliance
8/28/2018S.O.G. Training Center
Whittier, CA
Making Meth8$125.00Public Safety Alliance
8/29/2018S.O.G. Training Center
Whittier, CA
Digital Photography: Documenting the Scene8$125.00Public Safety Alliance
9/6/2018Orange County Sheriff's Department - Katella Training FacilityWorking in a Diverse Custody Setting8$99.00Embassy Consulting
9/18/2018S.O.G. Training Center
Whittier, CA
Enhanced Drug Identification8$125.00Public Safety Alliance
9/21/2018S.O.G. Training Center
Whittier, CA
The Fast and Factual Interview8$125.00Public Safety Alliance