Next Meeting

The next quarterly meeting will be Thursday, August 16th at 1100 hours hosted by Gardena PD.

If you have anything for the agenda please let Michelle Mercier Robinson know.

I added some classes at Seal Beach PD and Torrance PD classes and updated the next meeting.

next meeting

From Michelle Mercier Robinson:

Just a reminder that our Quarterly Jail Meeting will be next week (November 16th) at Anaheim PD beginning at 1100 hours.  If you have something for the agenda please let me know by Monday.

FYI, if you are not in uniform please make sure that you bring your department issued ID.

Michelle’s email is

New hosting.

I have been having problems with our hosting service. There was a lot of down time and I could not edit any pages or add any comments. I just switched to Dreamhost today and transferred everything over here (not fun hah) so I think it will be a lot better.  Now I just have to get Redondo to pay for it hah. It is cheaper but we just paid the bill for the other host.